Photographs provided by Cletus Perea

                                                             El Santuario de los Pobladores
El Santuario de los Pobladores is a sacred labyrinth which embodies the Mysteries of the Rosary of the Roman Catholic Faith. To be installed on land leased from the Diocese of Pueblo, El Santuario is not only a sanctuary, but a shrine, a special place for meditation, and an invitation to prayer and the deepening of one’s Faith.

As a pilgrim walks the path, there will be twenty resting places, small shrines or nichos along the way. Each one holds the traveler for a while, inviting contemplation of one of the Mysteries – exquisite bas-relief bronze sculptures by Lynn Kircher tracing the path of Jesus – conception, birth, life, crucifixion and resurrection. Parishioners, families and friends of this community are asked to help sponsor a Mystery, making an enduring legacy for generations to come.

Our Lady of Guadalupe Church is the oldest parish in Colorado. Sculptor Huberto Maestas will manifest in glorious bronze the event in 1531 when “a Lady from Heaven” appeared to young Juan Diego at Tepeyac, on a hillside near what is now Mexico City. A large bronze masterpiece of the historic Virgen de Guadalupe, holy mother of all the Americas, will grace the entrance to El Santuario. Please help us bring her home to her own Parish, exactly where she belongs.

In the garden areas outside the labyrinth, El Santuario celebrated the Faith of the Pobladores, settlers of this part of southern Colorado who established mission churches to focus the religious life of each community. We ask folks to help each community sponsor its santo, a bronze statue of its patron saint, expressively and touchingly real, created by Charles Ewing, to bring to life the Faith which guided the Pobladores and which will always inspire our love for this part of God’s creation.

These modern day pobladores ask that you honor Our Lady of Guadalupe, our ancestors and our faith with a donation to El Santuario de los Pobladores, a labyrinth dedicated to the mysteries of The Rosary, our long tenure here in the southern part of Colorado and as a testament to our faith.  The Santuario de los Pobladores will be a living and lasting testament to Our Lady of Guadalupe, our ancestors and to you and your family. Nearly 160 years after the original church was dedicated, we are now asked to once again take to heart the signs given to us so long ago and honor

Our Blessed Mother.

For more Information please contact: Martha Abeyta 

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